NOTICE: You must present a valid U.S. passport or passport card in order to enter Mexico. Although documents may not be routinely checked by Mexican authorities, regular inspections are conducted and require you to have valid travel documents and an entry permit or Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM).

Please observe following requirements if you are a foreigner and want to enter Mexican Territory by sea with recreational, sports or leisure purposes, or to practice any recreational water activity and you are on board a vessel intended solely for personal pleasure and not profit oriented.

1. Sport fishing boat operators must report vessel entry to and departure from Mexico to the National Immigration Institute (INM), in addition to providing the list of passengers on board by filling out the format downloadable from:

Immigration Info | Sample Passengers List

2. The receipt showing proof of payment covering migratory service fees must be attached to the email, Fees are paid according to the total number of foreigners entering Mexico’s territorial waters onboard the vessel

The payable fee of $306.00 pesos (Three-Hundred and six 00/100 Mexican Pesos) per foreigner can be paid electronically either for an individual or for everyone collectively by logging onto the following web site:

Immigration Fee

3. Afterwards, the master of the vessel must e-mail both passengers list and payment receipt to: [email protected]

Applicants will receive an email from National Immigration Institute (INM) either authorizing the trip or denying entry to a passenger intending to enter Mexico’s territorial water onboard the given vessel.

The authorizing email will contain National Immigration Institute (INM)’s permit to enter as a “Visitor without Permission to Perform Paid Activities”. The length of stay will cover the amount of time asked for in the application, yet such shall not exceed 180 days nor may it be used for multiple entries and departures.

A copy of this information will be sent to the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) and to the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT.)